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Welcome to Outboard Paradise




Sounds like a strange name but it’s really not.   Outboard Paradise/Seaman Boat Works is where I got my first job in 1964. It was my uncle’s Mercury Outboard Dealership. Many of the people at Outboard Paradise were boat racers, so that’s where I got hooked on race boats.   I would probably still be there today if my cousin didn’t burn down the shop. So, since I enjoyed those early days of boating and everyone associated with the original Outboard Paradise has passed on now, I decided to take over the name.  Ironically after all the things I have been into in my life like building race cars, motorcycles & finally building street rods, I wind up right where I started back in the parts room of Outboard Paradise.  I dedicate this website to Carl Schnieder and the crazy guys at Outboard Paradise/Seaman Boat Works.




I am still an active member of APBA, although I don’t race very often anymore. These days I get more enjoyment from building motors. You may see at more race sites in the future, hopefully in a boat.




Many of you probably purchased merchandise from me on eBay when I used the name Start Your Engine and now Outboard Paradise. You will receive the same quality parts and service.